Installation of Ubuntu 20.04 & Logsign

The document mentions Ubuntu 20.04 and Logsign Unified SecOps Platform


Before installing Logsign Unified SecOps Platform , Ubuntu 20.04 will be installed on the physical or virtual server.

The following ISO file is required to install Ubuntu 20.04:

Download the ISO from;

Click here to download Ubuntu 20.04 ISO

The downloaded file is put in to DataStore if virtualization is used, if it is to be installed on a physical server, it is burned to usb or cd.

Installation of Ubuntu 20.04

1- For Ubuntu installation, usb or cdrom is booted and continued by selecting the English language with the enter button.


2- Installation steps are continued as follows.










3- Click the Done button and the installation is completed.

Installation of Logsign on Ubuntu 20.04

Important Note: There should be no restrictions on internet access to pull Logsign packages.

1- Connect to the Ubuntu 20.04 server via ssh.

2- Open a new screen named logsign with the following command.

# screen -S logsign

3- Being root with the following command.

# sudo bash

4- Go to the /root folder with the following command.

# cd /root

5- update_procedure is downloaded from Logsign Production Server.

# wget --content-disposition

6- A file named update_procedure is created.
# mkdir /opt/update_procedure

7- The downloaded file is extracted under this folder.
# tar zxvf update_procedure.tar.gz -C /opt/update_procedure/

8- The downloaded .gz file is removed.
# rm -rf update_procedure.tar.gz

9- file is run using the bash command.

if the host is in a cloud environment that is managed by cloud-init services. run this;
# bash /opt/update_procedure/20.04/install_without_iso_online/ cloud

if the host is running in on-premise;

# bash /opt/update_procedure/20.04/install_without_iso_online/

10- The server is rebooted.

# reboot now

After this step, the installation is completed.

11- Open the web browser and go to https://LOGSIGN_IP_ADDRESS. You will be directed to the installation wizard. Enter Logsign IP address.

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