Detecting and Investigating Insider Threats with UEBA


UEBA solutions use various data sources, such as log files, network traffic data, and user activity logs, to analyze and detect unusual behavior that could indicate a security threat. By comparing current behavior against historical patterns and peer group behavior, UEBA can identify anomalies that may indicate a potential insider threat, compromised account, or other security risk.

UEBA can help organizations detecting and investigating to insider threats incidents more quickly and effectively by automating the analysis of large volumes of data and providing security teams with prioritized alerts based on the level of risk.

In this document, Detecting and Investigating Insider Threats with UEBA will be explained.

Detecting and Investigating Insider Threats

The UEBA overview tab shows the number of users, resources and incidents by severity of events.

Matrix of Incidents & Behaviors

A matrix of incidents and behaviors is a tool used in security investigations to identify potential insider threats. It involves mapping various security incidents to corresponding behaviors that may indicate a potential threat.

The matrix can be divided into two axes:

Incidents: This axis lists various security incidents that may occur in an organization, such as data breaches, theft of intellectual property, or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Behaviors: This axis lists various behaviors that may indicate a potential insider threat, such as accessing data outside of regular business hours, attempting to access sensitive data without proper authorization, or copying large amounts of data to external sources.

By mapping incidents to behaviors, the matrix can help security teams identify potential insider threats and investigate them further. For example, if an employee is found to have accessed sensitive data outside of regular business hours, it may indicate a potential insider threat, which can then be investigated further by analyzing the employee's other behaviors and activities.

The matrix of incidents and behaviors is a useful tool for identifying potential insider threats, but it is not foolproof. Security teams should also take into account other factors such as job function, access rights, and other context-specific information to determine whether a behavior is truly indicative of a potential threat.


The information available on this screen includes total users, activity trends, user urgency, risk trends, and individual users. This information makes it possible to review and conduct detailed studies of user activities and their potential risks in relation to specific incidents.

This section of the screen is dedicated to devices, while the previous section was designed for user-related information.

Logsign Unified Security Operations Platform is designed to continuously monitor and analyze network activity, identifying potential security threats and risks in real-time. One of its key features is its ability to generate risk scores for user activity, even in situations where no alarms or alerts have been triggered.

The risk score is a powerful tool that helps users to proactively manage their cybersecurity posture by providing insight into potential risks and vulnerabilities. By analyzing data from across the network, Logsign Unified Security Operations Platform can identify patterns and anomalies in user behavior that may indicate a security threat or risk.

With the risk score, users can quickly identify high-risk activities and take appropriate action to mitigate any potential threats. For example, if a user is identified as engaging in behavior that is associated with malware infections or data breaches, the risk score can alert the user and prompt them to take action, such as updating their antivirus software or changing their password.

the risk score is an important feature of Logsign Unified Security Operations Platform, providing users with valuable insight into potential risks and helping them to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.


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