New Simplified and Full-Feature Delegation (Role Based Access Control)


You praised the capable delegation features Logsign had offered you before but also received feedback from our users that it was difficult to manage. Keeping the same features, we have restructured this module so you can efficiently operate the delegation.

Logsign delegation features help you manage individual users' and teams' product usage authorizations and ensure data privacy.

Remember that Logsign is a large and rapid data lake. Increasing the number of team members using Logsign in your team will support you in security operations. Logsign's fast and extensible architecture enables your team members to access this valuable data. One of the biggest mistakes we see in many enterprise environments is to limit the use of a SIEM product with a small part of the security or IT team. You can increase the number of SIEM users in your organization and thus maximize the benefit you get.

General features of Logsign delegation,

  • Which modules and pages can be accessed,
  • Level of authorization on each module or page accessed,
  • Who can view which Dashboard, Report, and Alert,
  • What data can be viewed when accessed.

Thanks to these features, you can manage both data privacy and authorization.

Thanks to the authorization feature about the privacy of the accessed data, even if two different users view the same report or dashboard, they can see different results depending on their authorization level.

Below are the management screens to see how easily this role management can be done.

 - Module and Page level Authorization Management




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