SIEM Buyer's Guide - How to Choose the Right SIEM

Read the guide to have an unbiased point of view on the SIEM market.

Modern-day threats are constantly evolving in complexity and sophistication. The security team does not know what they will face next. With an increasing number of endpoint devices and growing reliance on cloud-based services, the potential attack surface area is expanding. All these factors combined make it more difficult for security teams to keep track of events happening across the enterprise network.

Organisations install multiple security devices and software to detect unusual behaviour and identify security incidents. However, these work in isolation making them inefficient when it comes to detecting advanced threats. Attackers use an arsenal of tools to plan and execute an attack as well as advanced techniques to evade detection and there is a growing tendency for attackers to launch distributed attacks on multiple systems rather than focusing on a specific system.

This is where a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system comes in as it helps provide the security team with real- time collection and analysis of log data. Gartner provides a widely accepted definition of SIEM as a “technology that supports threat detection, compliance and security incident management through the collection and analysis (both near real-time and historical) of security events, as well as a wide variety of other event and contextual data sources.”

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SIEM Buyer's Guide

Why do you need SIEM? 

  • Some of the benefits of SIEM solutions include: 
  • Increased efficiency of a security team and better utilization of man-hours 
  • Preventing potential security threats from becoming large-scale security incident 
  • Reducing overall security expenditures for an organization 
  • Providing a better system for reporting, log analysis, and data retention 
  • Minimizing the impact of security breaches
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