ManageEngine - ServiceDesk Plus Response Integration


ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is an ITSM (IT Service Management) product that serves as a help desk and asset management software. Designed to streamline the management of IT services for organizations, this software provides a platform where users can report IT issues, which can then be tracked, assigned, and monitored. Essentially, it facilitates the reporting, tracking, assignment, and monitoring of IT issues. To open a ticket in this ITSM product, a user account needs to be created, and this user will be responsible for initiating request processes.



 - ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 14.7 Build 14740
 - Logsign 6.4.7+



Integration testing has only been performed on version 14.7 Build 14740; it has not been tested on lower or higher versions.



Use Cases Of The Integration:

  • Creating a new incident or request for information.
  • Retrieving the current incident or request for information data.


1. Obtain AuthToken

An Auth token should be generated through an authorized user. The user for whom the token will be generated must have at least the following permissions: "add request", "view request", "view all support groups", and "get all technicians". You can define a role with these permissions or directly use the Administrator account to generate the token.




Please make sure to note down the auth token code.


Logsign Responses Configuration

1-  A user with admin authority must log in to logsign;

Settings -> Responses -> Configure -> ManageEngine - ServiceDesk Plus -> Configure -> Configure -> + Device;

After filling in the fields, we complete the process.


Usege Tips

In the incident management field, you can call the Add Request method to create a new ticket or the Get Request method to retrieve an existing ticket.

When you fill in the Subject and Description text fields, we will present the other parts to you as a list.


Method - Add Request



You can review the operation result via the table. If you note down the request ID, you can later track the current status using the Get Request method with this ID.



Method - Get Request



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