In-depth details and information about visitors are provided by IPWhoIs, a highly recommended IP Geolocation API that provides location, IP address, country name, code, language, time zone, and neighbor countries information.


  • Logsign 6.3.+ versions support this integration.

Configure On Ipwhois.io

There is no requirement for Logsign integration, the integration is completed with the url you have added. You can check the site for detailed information. IPWHOIS.io 

Configure On Logsign

Forwarding settings are completed as follows:


  1. Click Settings > Integrations > Responses.
  2. In the ‘Search’ part, write Ipwhois.io.
  3. Click ‘Configure’ and then click ‘+Device’.


  1. Define the settings as follows:
  • Device Name: Define the Device Name.
  • Url: Define the Ipwhois.io url.
  1. Click Create to save the changes.



  • Device:  Select the configuration you have configured.
  • Ip: Define the ip you want to check it.

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