The HPE MSA 2060 is a storage system designed for small to medium-sized businesses and remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments. It offers scalability to accommodate growing storage needs, allowing for easy expansion with additional drive enclosures. The storage system utilizes flash storage technology for high performance, fast data access, and low latency. It includes built-in data protection features such as RAID levels for data redundancy and supports snapshot and replication technologies for data backup and disaster recovery.



  • All Logsign versions support this integration. 



To configure logging for the HPE MSA 2060 Storage, you can follow these general steps:


  1. Access the management interface of the HPE MSA 2060 Storage. This is typically done through a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) or a command-line interface (CLI).
  2. Navigate to the logging or system configuration section within the management interface.
  3. Enable logging if it's not already enabled. You may need to specify the log level or select the types of events you want to log.
  4. Choose the destination for the log messages. Typically, you can select options like local storage, remote syslog server, or email notifications.
  5. Configure any additional logging settings as per your requirements. This may include setting log rotation policies, log retention periods, or filtering specific events to be logged.
  6. Save the configuration changes and ensure that the logging settings are applied.
  7. Test the logging functionality by generating events or performing specific actions that trigger log messages. Verify that the logs are being generated and stored as expected.

Sample Log Examples 


1 2023-06-01T18:21:43.0000003:0 Uninitialized-Name APPSV 1625 - [details@347 ust="116234822000000000" lst="117643436000000000" ip="" ssn="A37621" eventPriority="Informational" eventType="362"] Scheduler: Received a bad HTTP response. (task: CHUpdateCheck, task type: CHUpdateCheck)

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