Genians is a company that offers a network access control (NAC) product called Genian NAC. NAC is a security solution designed to enforce policies and control access to network resources based on the identity, security posture, and compliance status of connected devices. It helps organizations ensure that only authorized and secure devices can access their networks, thereby preventing unauthorized access, mitigating security risks, and maintaining network integrity.


  • Logsign 6.3.28+ versions support this integration.



Forwarding settings are completed as follows:


    To create or verify an administrator API Key:


  1. Go to Management > User in the top panel.


  1. In the left panel, select Administrators.


  1. Click administrator name to generate the API Key.


  1. Select Administrator tab.


  1. On API Key, click Generate API Key button.


  1. Click Update at the end of the page.

Sample Log Examples


{"LOG_DETAIL":"","LOG_IPSTR":"","_index":"nac-2023-05","LOG_PARENTID":"6bc7f77a-e11c-103c-8007-902e16e0d5dd-7d68fba7","LOG_TIME":1684816100493,"_type":"NODE","LOG_IP":"3232238599","LOG_MAC":"F1:81:DA:9B:66:11","LOG_LOGIDSTR":"Node Management","LOG_EXTRAINFO":"","LOG_USERID":"","LOG_TYPESTR":"Information","LOG_USERNAME":"","LOG_DEPTNAME":"","LOG_TYPE":"2","LOG_PARENTNAME":"","LOG_MSG":"Node deleted. NAME='', BY='Nodes Long-term Down, LASTACTIVE=2023-04-23 08:18:22'","_id":"AYhG3YhPJQoHPG0XJXht","LOG_LOGID":"100","LOG_IP6STR":null}

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