The Cisco SG350 Series is a line of managed switches designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These switches are part of Cisco's Small Business Network Switches portfolio and provide reliable and secure connectivity for network infrastructure.


  • Logsign 6.3.26+ versions support this integration.


Forwarding settings are completed as follows:


  1. Access the switch: Connect to the switch using a console cable or SSH/Telnet.


  1.  Enter privileged EXEC mode: Type the following command and press Enter:



  1. Configure the syslog server: Specify the IP address or hostname of the syslog server where you want to forward the logs. Use the following command:
  • configure terminal
  • logging host <syslog-server-ip>

Replace <syslog-server-ip> with the IP address of your syslog server.


  1. Set the logging facility: Choose the facility level for the logs. The facility level determines the type of messages that will be sent to the syslog server. For example, you can set the facility level to "local7" for general system messages. Use the following command:
  • logging facility <facility-level>

Replace <facility-level> with the desired facility level (e.g., local0, local1, local2, etc.).


  1. Set the logging severity level: Determine the severity level of the logs to be sent to the syslog server. You can choose from levels such as emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info, or debug. Use the following command:
  • logging severity <severity-level>

Replace <severity-level> with the desired severity level (e.g., info, warning, error, etc.).


  1. Enable logging: Activate the syslog logging functionality on the switch using the following command:
  • logging on


  1. Save the configuration: Save the changes you made to the switch's configuration using the following command:
  • write memory

Note: For more information and configure on UI follow this guide: Configure Log Aggregation Settings on an Sx350 Series Managed Switch - Cisco 

Sample Log Examples


1 2023-04-01T08:12:05+03:00 SG350-21BSH-253 STP - PORTSTATUS - gi8: STP status Forwarding, aggregated (1)

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