16/10/2023 - Version 6.3.37 Release Notes

 πŸŽ― New Features
> Disk sizes column for health check added
> API rate limit for external routes added
> Duplicate feature for Action Rule, Bucket, Report & Alert added
πŸͺ„ Dashboards
> One day time interval option added
> Custom date option added
> Dashboards size updated
πŸ“ˆ Incident
> Label count for status filter added
> Row card & footers updated
> Action object column added
πŸ“‘ Reports
> Trend Micro predefined reports added
βš™οΈ Settings
> Data Collection
Data collection search updated
> Logsign Audit & HC
Logsign-health-check service updated
> Responses
New options for expire time added
Picus responses integration added
MISP responses integration added
Ipvoid response card updated
> Alerts & Buckets
Disable / Enable loading state on alert list page added
🧩 Plugin
> Veritas - NetBackup API plugin added
> Cyfirma - API poller positions updated
> Palo Alto - Firewall plugin updated
> MSSQL poller decimal to IPv4 updated
> Microsoft - Exchange plugin updated
> Fortinet - FortiWeb plugin updated
> TrendMicro - Apex Central plugin updated
πŸ”§ Bug Fixes
> Alarm rule endswith condition bug fixed
> Schedule form reports undefined check bug fixed
> MISP search functions bug fixed
> Report form sum column unit type validation bug fixed
> Device tag list bug fixed
> Dynamic select search bug fixed
> Abuseipdb filtered bug fixed
> Ipwhois url changed bug fixed
> Data collection tag filters bug fixed
> Create report block bug fixed
> Incident status filter bug fixed
> Widget start date bug fixed
> Action rule selected organisation state reset bug fixed
> Duplicate organisation list bug fixed
> Sparkline widget bug fixed
> Enable nested grouped plus widget labels bug fixed
> Action rule select action bug fixed
> Health Check error handling bug fixed
> Multiple scheduled report mail bug fixed
> Sending data to SOAR bug fixed
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