Installing Logsign on VMware with OVA file

VMware ESXi is the latest hypervisor architecture presented by VMware. It has an ultra-thin architecture with no reliance on a general-purpose OS, yet still offers all the same functionality and performance of VMware ESX.

Installing Logsign on a VMware ESX Server with OVA file is pretty simple and straight forward, so let’s see how it can be done.


If you haven't downloaded the Logsign iso file yet, then you can follow this link.


1- Once you have connected to VMware vSphere Client, you need to deploy ova file by following File > Deploy OVF Template as shown below.


2- The downloaded ova file must be selected here. You can browse file directory by clicking on Browse button.


You can see the size and disk details after choosing the file.


3- A desired name can be given in next state. Also location of the virtual server must be defined in inventory.

Storage destination must be selected in Storage field.


Disk format must also be set in this section. It can be set as thick or thin provision here.


4- Server settings and system configuration details can be seen at the finalization state. You can select the checkbox of 'Power on after deployment' to make the server power on after deploy process.


5- Deployment process will start after clicking on Finish button. The progress of deployment can be followed as shown below.


6- Logsign server will automatically start after deployment, if you selected the related checkbox. The server configurations and settings can be viewed and edited as shown below.


7- Logsign IP address, RAM, CPU or disk size can be edited to desired values. Then you can connect to Logsign management interface by typing the IP address of the server on any web browser.

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